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Specialist Medical Services

Our medical care includes out patient, surgery, admission, dental and specialist consultation.

Some of the specialist doctors at City Medicals include;

  • – Emergency Physician
  • – Travel medicine specialist
  • – Occupational medicine specialist
  • – Obstetrics/gynecologist
  • – Ear, Nose and Throat specialist
  • – Dermatologist (Skin specialist)
  • – Orthopedic (bone and joints)
  • – Physiotherapist
  • General Surgeon
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Nutritionist

Antenatal, maternity and post natal services

City Medicals Hoima experienced midwives conduct regular antenatal and postnatal class.

We have a well-equipped labor ward to handle deliveries. Backed by a high class theatre and standby ambulance services, any complication can be promptly and expertly attended to.

Newborns receive not only standard UNEPI vaccines but also internationally recommended childhood vaccines such as rotavirus and pneumococcal vaccines.

Admission/in-patient facilities

In-patient facilities include VIP self-contained DSTV enabled private rooms and standard shared rooms. All rooms are self-contained with ICU beds and intercom connection.

Theatre and Surgeries

City Medicals Hoima has set-up a state of the art theatre with the latest equipment and expertise to handle both minor and major surgical operations. The theatre operates 24/7 with full time surgeons and anesthetics.

Examples of surgical procedures;
1   Male circumcision,
2    Hernioraphy,
3    Appendicectomy;
4    Emergency and scheduled Caesarean Section,
5    Ectopic pregnancy,
6    Intestinal obstruction,
7    Ovarian masses,
8    Haemorrhoidectomy,
9    Thyroidectomy,
10    Lipoma excision,
11    Biopsy excision,
12    Myomectomy for uterine fibroids,
13    Examination under anesthesia for cervical cancer
14    Manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) for incomplete miscarriage
15    Dilatation and curettage (D&C) for missed abortion,
16    Total abdominal hysterectomy,
17    Closed reduction under anesthesia for dislocated joints
18    Plaster of Paris (POP) for fractures,
19    Surgical toileting and sutures (STS),
20    Cervical stitch for incompetent cervix etc